Review: Keyboard EpoMaker AULA F87 Pro

New keyboard, a review.


After my previous keyboard started to get a bit rickety, I thought it was time for something new. In the end, it was the Epomaker AULA F87 Pro, as I had already had one of these keyboards to test. I liked the typing feel and the low noise level. My previous mechanical keyboard was relatively loud, so I wanted it to be a little quieter.

As I work with several computers, I also wanted to be flexible. The Epomaker promises three options for connecting to the computer: cable, wireless (with USB dongle and Bluetooth).

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Hardware, scope of delivery, processing

Let’s unpack the thing. A USB-C cable is included alongside the keyboard. The UBS dongle is in the keyboard, and there is also a tool for removing the caps.

The keyboard is available in different colours. I opted for a classic colour combination, soft white and dark blue.

There is nothing to criticise in terms of workmanship, the keyboard is of high quality and stands stably on the table. There are two fold-out feet on the underside. A short guide explains the functions and setting modes, including for mobile operating systems such as iOS or Android.

Use in practice, functions

The typing feel is amazing and is one of the best I’ve ever had as a keyboard. Hard to describe, high-quality, not rickety. Typing produces a chic sound and feels very precise.

I also like the lighting. The buttons are illuminated and there are also LEDs on the side. Both are controllable. There are different effects, something for every taste.

The layout took a little getting used to. The keyboard doesn’t have a number pad, which I don’t need, but it has an American layout. The Enter key is therefore slightly narrower. The rest is standard layout and doesn’t cause any problems, as I type blind anyway. However, there is one key that is missing, the “<>|” key. Here I have helped myself by repurposing the Caps-Lock key.

It is easy to switch between different computers, main PC Bluetooth, other PC has the dongle. The keyboard can also be charged via the USB-C cable. Three Bluetooth connections are possible.


A great keyboard. The only drawback is the missing key, but I was able to reconfigure this quickly under Windows and Linux. It’s really fun to use the keyboard to hammer out the next blog article. The lighting is stylish and the option to use different connection types is also practical.

Here’s the link to the manufacturer

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