Review: FunFlix A1 projector with autofocus, full HD and WIFI

A portable, small projector for flexible home use.

Many years ago, I once had a home cinema projector. It had HD Ready resolution at the time. The thing was expensive, but the result was still impressive, as a rather large picture lit up the wall of my living room.

The technology has moved on. Full HD is now standard and projectors are now powered by LEDs. This not only saves electricity, but also eliminates the need to change lamps.

FunFlix A1 projector

Now we come to the projector. The FunFlix A1 is a portable device that offers full HD resolution. Integrated speakers, various connections, WLAN, Bluetooth and USB are on board. All for 240 euros with a discount offer on Amazon.

But let’s see how the device performs in practice.

Scope of delivery and workmanship

In addition to the projector, there is a remote control, a small manual, HDMI cable, analogue cable and, of course, the power cable.

The projector comes in a stylish white colour. The speakers are located at the bottom and the connections at the back. The workmanship is of high quality. The feet are located on the underside, one of which can be swivelled out in the middle. This allows the projector to be aligned accordingly.

In operation, autofocus, picture quality

When we switch on the device, it boots up for a few seconds. The autofocus is then activated. A test image appears and after a short time the image is sharp. A small camera is built in for this function, which analyses the image and makes the appropriate settings.

Further automatic corrections can be set in the settings. For example, the projector can recognise obstacles and adjust the size of the image accordingly, and the same applies to keystone alignment. This saves a lot of manual fiddling and allows the projector to be quickly used elsewhere.

The size of the image also depends on the distance. In my living room, I already have a fairly large picture diagonal.

Films can be played via HDMI, USB or WLAN. If the projector is connected via WLAN, services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix and YouTube can be used directly. This is also practical, as all you have to do is set it up.

The sound comes from the two small speakers as standard. These basically fulfil their function. They are certainly sufficient for the children’s room and for a small presentation, but real film fans will connect headphones or speakers, which is also possible.

The projector can also be used in daylight, but it is only really good when the room is darkened.

Otherwise, the quality is quite good, Full HD should be sufficient in most cases and the picture is correspondingly sharp. It gets a little blurred if you adjust the projector a little wildly and a lot of automatic corrections have to intervene. I don’t have a screen, I just use a white wall and even here the picture is very good for films.

There is a fan, which is slightly audible.


I am satisfied with the projector. For the price, you get a very solid Full HD projector with lots of functions. I particularly like the option of using apps directly via WLAN. No need to connect anything extra, just start and you’re good to go. The automatic image settings also work well. Set it up and the projector sets itself up automatically. Perfect.

For the price, it is just as suitable as a flexible home cinema projector as it is for the children’s room.

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