Reset PITreader to factory settings / password reset

How to reset the PITreader password!

Forgot the password again, this time from the PITreader, a mode selection and access authorization system..

Without a password, you can’t get into the web interface and you can’t set anything. In this case, you ask yourself how to reset the password. Unfortunately, this only works by resetting the entire device.

Factory reset PITreader

In the first step we need to short RX and TX, device must be off.

Now we start the device. The LED should now turn yellow. If not, then check whether the jumper is plugged in correctly.

Now the short circuit must be removed. The device should now start flashing yellow.

The short circuit must now be restored within 10 seconds. The LED should now change to green.

We are almost there! The short circuit must now be removed again, the device finishes the boot process and has reset the factory settings and thus the password. The LED changes to blue.

Login / set new password

After the reset, you can log in with the default password. The user name is “admin”, the password is the serial number, which can be found on the back of the device.

Here you can now assign a new password and forget it again…

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