WiFi File Transfer – access photos, files on your Android smartphone via browser

Transfer files, fotos, videos from your Android phone from your computer via Wifi.

Usually what you do, when you want to locally transfer files, photos and other stuff from your Android smartphone to your computer is to use an USB cable and connect the smartphone you your computer. But there is an app, which allows you to access your smartphone files via WiFi: “wifi file transfer”.

The app comes in two different shapes, the free version and the pro version. The free version has some limitations regarding file sizes. You can download it from the Play Store (links below).

When you first start the app, you will get a warning, that the app was build for an older Android version. I tested the app on my Google Pixel with the newest Android version and it just works fine. So we can ignore the warning.

Once the app has started, you can start the WiFi server. This will display an URL which you can now use to access your smartphone from another device, like your computer.

When you open the URL, you have access to our phones files. You can download and upload files from the web interface and it also allows you to manage files, like renaming, moving and deleting files.

In the settings you can also configure encryption or automatic activation, when you are connected to your local Wifi.


Despite the warning that it might not work on newer Android versions, the app still works perfectly. You do not have to connect your phone to USB to transfer some photos or videos to your desktop computer.

I recommend to test the free version first.

WiFi File Transfer Pro | WiFi File Transfer Pro

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