Install Windows 11 without network

Since the 22H2 version, Windows 11 can no longer be installed without a network connection. This is how it works anyway.

Installing Windows 11 without Internet access

I wanted to install Windows 11 as a virtual machine in Hyper-V without connecting to the internet. Unfortunately, this is no longer easily possible in the current version. Since the 22H2 version of Windows, Microsoft wants a connection to the internet. Otherwise, people complain. The reason is probably that Microsoft likes to force a Microsoft account on users.

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The solution

The good news is that installation is still possible. To do this, we open a command prompt with “SHIFT + F10“. Here we enter the following command:


Afterwards, the installation and the computer restarts. However, we now have the option of skipping the Internet connection step. The installation then runs through without any problems.

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