7 Apps, for your holiday in Croatia

Croatia is a dream holiday destination and has breathtaking views both inland and on the coasts. To help you get the most out of your holiday and travel in a relaxed way, we have picked out the 7 most useful apps for a holiday in Croatia. Whether you’re staying in a dream villa and just want to relax, or plan to travel the whole country, these apps will help you on your holiday.


If you’re planning your holiday itinerary, this app is a real all-rounder. Essentially, it lists all the events and attractions you want to visit. It includes detailed profiles of all the cities and regions in the country, as well as the best hotels and activities. Save the things that interest you and share them on social media if you like.

mX Croatia

Another great app for holiday planning that stands out for its scope, mX Croatia contains more than 10,000 attractions in 146 destinations and also guides you to free wifi hotspots and places to eat and stay. You can also use the app offline so you don’t have to pay exponential roaming charges.


Croatian public transport can be a bit confusing, as most of it is not online yet. But GetbyBus is by far the best choice if you want to search and book buses. It clearly lists the bus routes of almost all bus companies and offers the possibility to book many of them as well – others can be booked at the station as GetbyBus continues to expand.

Arriva Croatia

Believe it or not, FlixBus is not necessarily the favourite in the country. Although the green buses can be seen at all train stations and roads in the country,Arriva Croatia buses predominate, and for a special reason. Although FlixBus serves almost all cities in Croatia, it does not reach all places. Arriva Croatia offers you tickets not only to big cities like Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Osijek, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Pula or ibenik, but also to more remote and smaller towns and villages all over the country (and even to the islands and national parks!).


If you avoid public transport and get around by car, HAK is indispensable. With live updates on road conditions, traffic flow and traffic at ferry ports and border crossings, you’ll never face unexpected delays.

Google Maps

An app you probably already have installed on your mobile device. Apple Maps is also an option, but I know from experience that Google Maps is currently better in Croatia. Most of Google’s satellite imagery has been updated recently, so Google Maps will safely guide you on your journey through Croatia. In some cities, such as Zagreb, the public transport database is synchronised with this application, so you know exactly which bus or tram can take you where you want to go in real time. In other cities, such as Split, it is even possible to see the ferry routes in a 360° view.

Google Translate

Yes, English is spoken in Croatia. And very good English at that. Some will think that this has only to do with the tourist context, but there are many reasons that explain the very good level of English speaking and understanding in Croatia, even in public offices.

However, English is not the official language in Croatia. Croatian is. As a good tourist, you will find that the locals appreciate it very much if you replace some words in your sentences with Croatian words. Besides, it can always happen that someone doesn’t understand exactly what you mean after all, and then a translation tool can be enormously helpful.

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