Review: NiPoGi Mini PC AK1Plus mit Intel N100, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, Windows 11 Pro

Compact, economical mini PC as a server or workhorse.

I’ve been running a small server here at home for a few years now. Runs as a NAS and Nextcloud server. Now I’m planning an upgrade, so let’s take a look at the compact mini PC from NiPoGi.

The PC is priced at just under 350 euros. The manufacturer is currently offering a voucher code: VBSRECGR. With this you get a substantial discount, final price: 181.55 euros. The voucher is valid until 31.01.2024

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Hardware, scope of delivery, price

Let’s start with the hardware, the PC comes in a small box. There are different equipment variants. The technical data:

  • Intel N100 processor, 3.4GHz
  • 16 GB working memory
  • 512 GB SSD M2
  • Intel UHD graphics
  • WLAN, Bluetooth, network card, HDMI, USB ports, jack
  • Windows 11 Pro

The scope of delivery also includes a VESA mount + letter, an HDMI cable and the power supply unit. What is particularly smart is that the power supply unit is very compact. PCs are usually compact, but a large power supply always tends to break a part, here we only have a small plug-in power supply.

The device has a high-quality finish, on the underside we see a cover and screws, more on this later. At the top end we also see the heat sink, which takes up the entire top side. This hopefully promises quiet operation.


The mini PC has all the important interfaces. Two monitors can be connected via HDMI. Connectivity is provided via the integrated WLAN module. There is an Ethernet interface for cable fans. USB is available twice as USB 2.0 and twice as USB 3.0. Headphones can be connected via a jack, otherwise there is also Bluetooth with onboard.

Space for a second SSD

The modular design is a particular highlight. There is a maintenance flap on the underside. If we open this, a SATA slot and connection are revealed. We can simply install a second SSD here. This is ideal for the server, as the data can be stored on a data disc.

Internally, the module is connected via USB-C. If you don’t need this, you can also remove the module completely, making the PC even more compact. A nice thing, which will make the second external USB disc superfluous in my server plan. All in one device, nice! According to the manufacturer, SSDs up to 2 TB are supported.

First commissioning

Now the exciting part, we switch the thing on. LEDs light up the upper part of the heat sink. I like it. The device has a fan, if there is something more to do, it switches on, but is hardly audible in practice, as the processor is correspondingly economical.

Windows 11 Pro, performance in practice

The initial Windows setup begins immediately after switching on. The manufacturer has pre-installed Windows 11 in the Pro version. Very good for the price.

In practice, the system doesn’t show any weaknesses. Sure, it’s not an i5 processor, but the N100 provides enough power for standard tasks. Working, surfing, videos and streaming are all no problem. The processor offers 4 cores and the 16 GB RAM is also good for practical use.

The fan starts up under load, but you have to get quite close to the device to hear it. The top gets a little warm, but not much.

When it comes to gaming, of course, things come to an end quite quickly. The Intel UHD graphics work with older games. Half-Life 2 is inside, but there’s not much to be gained from more modern games. It is a work device, server or media player. Not a gaming computer.

Power consumption

What the computer loses in gaming performance, it should make up for in low power consumption. The picture looks good. Less than 20 watts under full load. Under 10 watts in idle mode. I don’t quite like the fact that the power supply draws 0.8 watts in standby mode. This could be a little less, but a switchable power strip helps here.

However, these are good values for continuous operation as a server. With a second SSD, the power consumption is of course even higher.


Conclusion: A very fine piece. Power-saving, sufficiently fast for standard tasks and stylish in design. I like the discreet blue LED lighting. It’s ideal for use as a home server or as a small desktop. I particularly like the option of installing an additional SSD. If you don’t need this, the PC becomes even more compact.

Windows 11 Pro is also a plus point. Sure, gaming isn’t possible, but that’s not what this thing is made for.

Product link

The manufacturer currently offers a voucher code: VBSRECGR. With this you get a good discount, final price: 181,55 Euro. The voucher is valid until 31.01.2024

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