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If you are looking for a reliable, practical car with a clean history, minimal mileage and in very good technical condition, it is best to direct your search to the German car market. To buy a car, you don’t have to travel to Germany, search for an auto market, and personally inspect each car. Now the car bazaar has been transformed, you can choose a car while at home, from your phone, just by going to the right German car selling websites.

Features and advantages of the German automobile market

The German car market is known for its quality, innovation and high level of technical performance. Some features and advantages of German cars and the automobile market:

  1. Quality and reliability. German automakers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche are known for their high standard of quality and reliability. Cars from these brands undergo rigorous testing and have quality finishes.
  2. Innovation and technology. German automakers are actively introducing new technologies into their vehicles. They are often pioneers in safety, fuel efficiency and infotainment systems.
  3. Dynamic driving. Many German cars are known for their excellent driving dynamics and performance. They offer an excellent combination of comfort and sportiness that maximizes driving pleasure.
  4. A wide range of models. In Germany, you’ll find a wide range of models, and not only of German manufacture, from economical compact cars to luxury sedans and sports coupes.
  5. Environmental focus. In recent years, German automakers have been actively developing and implementing technologies aimed at reducing environmental impact. This includes the development of electric and hybrid cars. As for importing cars from other countries, they are also subject to high environmental friendliness requirements.
  6. Service and maintenance. In Germany it is usually easier and cheaper to get service and spare parts for German cars, but there is also a well-developed service network for cars of different foreign brands. The quality of service has a direct impact on the condition and liquidity of used cars for sale.
  7. High safety standards, which are equally relevant for German cars and imported cars from other countries. German cars are usually equipped with advanced safety systems, making them among the safest in the world.
  8. Retaining its value. Most German autos (autos that are sold in Germany), especially premium brands, retain their value longer due to their high quality, reliability, endurance and durability.

The advantage of the German aftermarket is the prices. A large selection, competition, a large number of offers from private individuals (without the purpose of material gain, but just for the purpose of quick sale of used cars) are the factors that cause low prices for used vehicles. Buyers from other European countries find it advantageous to buy a car in Germany, despite the additional transportation costs.

Best sites for car sales in Germany

So that you don’t have to do market analysis to find the best sites in Germany to buy a car, we have done it for you and selected the most popular German resources:

  2. autoscout24.

The main advantages and features of these sites will be described in more detail.


One of the largest resources in Germany. The attendance of this site reaches 25 million users per day. Every day about 2 million new offers appear on Like other German sites of car sales, has a streamlined, user-friendly interface, a catalog with the division of vehicles by categories, as well as with the ability to search by different parameters (a wide range of filters). The site offers several language versions, the cost of the car is indicated in different currencies, and the buyer can see two prices at once – with and without VAT, so there is no need for conversion and additional calculations. Given the scale and popularity of the site, a large number of online purchases of cars from Germany are made here.


The second most popular of all German car websites is autoscout24. Here you can find ads for cars from all countries of the European Union. Applicants can find excellent options with minimal mileage, which before the sale have been technically inspected and have the appropriate certificate. The site has about a million unique users, which encourages sellers to sell cars on this resource.

Unlike the previous two sites, is an international platform that brings together for the buyer offers from different auctions, from different countries and continents. You can choose to search for any destination – the United States or South Korea, any country in Europe. Germany is one of the largest sites for finding a quality used car in Europe. And on you will be offered different purchase options – you can compete for a car at an auction or choose a car that can be bought outright at an already fixed price.

Against the background of other sites for selling cars from Germany, has a big advantage. First, through it you get access to catalogs of more than 55 auctions and trading platforms around the world. Secondly, the site is multi-lingual. You can choose in which language you want to see information – English, German, Ukrainian, Arabic, Spanish, Polish, French, Bulgarian, German. And, finally, the developers have made it as easy as possible for the user to interact with the site, added numerous filters so that you can make the most detailed request when searching for your dream car.

Every month, the site has a consistently high number of users, which is about 700,000 people. In addition to trading in used vehicles, the site also specializes in the sale of spare parts for cars.

If we compare and other German sites for the sale of used cars, this one is considered to be the smallest in Germany. The number of users of the resource per month fluctuates within 100 000, and the area of their interests is mainly limited to crossovers. The site usually has about 500 offers.

No matter how large and reliable an online resource of used car sales is, a buyer should be careful about his choice. To protect your interests, you can use the services of a special service to check the car from Germany.  Here you can check factory specifications and equipment, history of car operation by VIN code.


This web-based auto sales site is popular. The number of users reaches 1.5 million monthly. However, has its own specifics and will interest only those buyers who are looking exclusively for a German brand car manufactured no earlier than 2001.


It is one of the fastest growing websites for selling used cars. So far it has few users, but in the near future the situation may change dramatically. The site has a very detailed description of lots, expert evaluations are given. This resource has one significant disadvantage – the interface is available only in German. Of course, you can use an online translator, but it is not very convenient and there is a possibility of inaccurate translation of technical specifications.

This portal can be called a specialized automobile site. The site contains ads for sale of various used motor vehicles – cars, trucks, cargo-passenger vehicles, motorcycles and scooters, special equipment, as well as spare parts for different cars. there is always a large selection of offers and catalogs are regularly updated with new lots.

The advantages of this resource are convenient and user-friendly functionality, the possibility of direct communication with the seller. However, like the previous online site, is available only in German. There is not even an English version, which complicates the search for buyers from other countries.

There are sites for selling cars in Germany, and there are online platforms that offer a wide range of products, including a separate category offering ads for cars for sale. This is exactly how works. Here you can find offers to sell used cars from private individuals (mostly car owners who live in Germany and want to sell their own car). Since cars are sold mainly not for resale, the average price tag here is lower than on some other resources. In addition to a large selection of cars here you can also find interesting offers on tuning and a large assortment of spare parts.

This site is also universal. Cars and other motorized vehicles are allocated on the site in a separate category. Ads for sale come to the portal from both private and legal entities. It will be of interest to those who are looking for a used car in good condition, original components and accessories for German cars.

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