Thunderbird: Moving from Windows to Linux

Move to Linux and take your mails with you, simply copy your profile.

The Thunderbird data can be easily transferred to another computer. All we need to do is copy the profile. In this article, we will show you how to do this from Windows to Linux. However, the procedure is basically the same the other way round or on another Windows computer. This saves us having to set up the accounts again on the other computer and download the data.


Save profile in Windows

Let’s get started. First, make sure that Thunderbird is closed. The profile is located in the following folder:


“Username” must be replaced by the user name. There are usually two folders in this directory. You can recognise the correct folder by the “-release” and also by the fact that it is correspondingly large.

We now copy the folder to the new computer. Either via USB stick, network…

Profile path in Linux, import data

In Linux, we now also need to find the folder for the profiles. The path is:


“da” is my user name in my case. Once we have started Thunderbird at least once, a profile is created.

Note, all previous data will be deleted. If data could be included, we can still make a copy.

We now open the profile folder and delete all files.

Then we just have to import the profile data again. To do this, we unzip/copy the files and folders into the now empty profile directory.

Done! When we start Thunderbird now, all mails, accounts and settings should be available.

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