LinuxReader: Read Linux hard disc in Windows

How to read Linux partitions in Windows.

Linux and Windows are one thing. Whilst Linux can get on well with Windows, it’s another matter with Windows. Despite the Linux subsystem, Windows likes to flatten Linux partitions during installation or remove the boot loader. The situation is similar when accessing partitions. As a result, Linux can cope with and access Windows partitions without any problems, whereas Windows cannot. How practical it would be if you could simply access the data.

Diskinternals Linux Reader

This is made possible by the software Linux Reader from Diskinternals. The software is available both as a free basic version and as a paid version. Access works on all common file systems. There are a few restrictions for the free version, but read access works without any problems. The Pro version is also reasonably priced at around 35 euros.

After starting the software, we see our drives and partitions.

We can now access these via the software. Files can be read out and also copied to the PC. There is also a preview function. It is also possible to mount a partition or directory as a drive in Windows, although only read access is possible in the free version.


The software works without any problems. Even with the free version we get many functions, the price of the Pro version is also fine.

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