Windows 11 Home Check Bitlocker status – activate / deactivate encryption

Encryption with Bitlocker in Windows Home?

Interesting observation from a reader of our blog. He wanted to enlarge or reduce partitions with RescueZilla. However, this was not possible because Bitlocker was active on the Windows partitions. He had not consciously activated Bitlocker, nor did he have the Pro version of Windows, which is normally required for this.

However, there is now a “Device encryption” option in the Home version of Windows. This option does not always seem to be available. It is not available on my home devices, presumably because a TPM chip is required. This option also seems to activate itself.

In any case, the setting can be found in the settings.

The function can also be deactivated here. Similar to Bitlocker, the process should take a while.

Check bitlocker status via command prompt

The Bitlocker status can be checked with the following command

manage-bde -status

The command prompt must be started with admin rights.

Disable Bitlocker via the command prompt

Bitlocker can also be deactivated via the command prompt:

manage-bde -off c:

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