OTP-Software für Windows: 2fast Two Factor Authenticator

Two-factor codes in Windows.

I now use two-factor authentication for numerous services. So far, I’ve used the Google Authenticator on my smartphone. However, I often don’t have my phone at my desk, so I always have to run off.

2fast – Two Factor Authenticator

So I looked for software that is ideally open source. This can be found with the “2fast – Two Factor Authenticator“. You can choose to download it directly from Github, but it’s easier via the Windows Store.

In principle, the software works in exactly the same way as the Google Authenticator. It was easy to transfer the accounts via the barcode export. Alternatively, the webcam can be used for this. I have used a screenshot.

I then had all the codes on my PC and now I don’t always have to search for my smartphone when a code is requested somewhere.

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