Vmware Workstation access to the local network with DHCP

Windows VM with bridged networking and DHCP, here I did not get a valid IP address assigned at first.

By default VMs in Vmware use NAT, that is Network Address Translation, this gives the VMs fancy access to the internet, but the local network and access to other devices is off limits.

I wanted to give a Windows VM access to the local network. From VirtualBox I knew the procedure that you switch to a hybrid network, i.e. the VM then uses the LAN connection of the host device and ideally also gets an IP address assigned.

In VMWare Workstation I have also set this. Unlike VirtualBox, however, the setting for which adapter it should use is missing here.

Stupidly, I wasn’t assigned a real IP address, just one in the form of something.

Die Lösung war dann ein Blick in den “Virtual Network Editor”.

This must be started with admin rights, which is fortunately easy to realize.

Then we can assign a network adapter to the “bridged” Ethernet. On my computer, this is currently the WLAN connection.

And lo and behold, after restarting the VM, it then also had a reasonable IP address from the local network.

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