Linux, access to Windows Bitlocker partition

Access to Bitlocker Windows partition with Linux.

I have Windows and Linux on the computer in parallel. The problem is that my data is mostly under Windows. Since I have encrypted my hard drives with Bitlocker, Linux cannot access them directly. Anyway, I was unsure if Linux can handle Bitlocker at all.

But it works. In the file manager of KDE the Windows partition is shown as “Basic data partition”.

When trying to open it, a password is required. Looks good already, but what password is needed? I use TPM under Windows, i.e. I log in directly into Windows. The Windows account password cannot be used here, because this is technically not the password for Bitlocker.

So I tried the Bitlocker recovery key.

And lo and behold, it worked. The partition is decrypted and could be opened and thus I had access to the data.

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