Error: 0x8007003B when transferring large files from Linux Samba share

Unexpected network error when transferring large files to Linux NAS with Samba.

When transferring a large ISO file, I got an error message after some waiting time.

Fehler: 0x8007003B: Unexpected network error

Small files went without a problem. What I noticed was that it took some time before the actual transfer started. Meanwhile, the activity LED of my USB hard drive on the NAS was already running.

After some research I came across this forum entry. Basically, this error message can have all sorts of causes. On the internet you can find entries about VPN, about network speeds and timeouts.

Indeed, a timeout seems to be the cause for me as well, as the blog entry describes. My USB hard drive is formatted with exFat, which is probably not optimal on a Linux NAS. In addition, the hard disk is only connected with USB 2.0 speed.

If a file is copied, first the space on the harddisk is used. I.e. for the 5.71 GB in the above example exactly these 5.71 GB are written to the USB disk. Only then the copying process starts, or would start. With small files it works, with large ones the whole action runs into a timeout or into the error message.

Basically, this seems to manifest that Windows file systems are not a good choice for Linux, Samba and co.

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