Linux: No write access to Samba share from Windows

Read-only access to the Linux Samba server possible?

I am currently tinkering with a new NAS. Using Samba, I had created a file share, however, I could not play files on it from Windows. Deleting and other write operations did not work either. A bit strange, because it had worked right after the setup, but never mind.

My problem was/is that I used an old netbook for the NAS. The share is on a USB drive formatted with exFat. This has the advantage that I can just plug it into a Windows computer, but it is in a way a foreign body for Linux. So file and folder permissions cannot be assigned here.

As a workaround for the write access I simply entered the user “root” for access. By means of “force user” setting of the share.

With this, the write access also worked now, since the “root” user is of course allowed to do everything. Whether this is the best solution from a security point of view, I dare to doubt, but I’m talking about a home NAS system, which in the end only I access.

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