Top Cryptocurrenies by Market Capitalisation

Trading crypto means generating income from asset rates fluctuations, adhering to some strategy. Trading methods are divided by the frequency of opening and closing positions:

  1. Intraday trading means opening and closing a position within one day
  2. Scalping – short trade that can be closed within a couple of minutes
  3. Swing – trades may last up to a few weeks
  4. Position – a long-term investment that may take many months.

To trade crypto with benefits, it is important to analyze the market. How can we characterize crypto assets? There are three main indicators that will help you understand the range and value of assets:

  • Price
  • Trade volume – the number of transactions conducted with an asset within a certain period, usually 24 hours.
  • Market capitalisation – the value of all the assets that are now in circulation.

Market cap is calculated as follows: the number of coins circulating X the current rate. In fact, a cap indicates an asset’s level of dominance in the whole crypto market. So we can say market cap shows the level of an asset’s popularity in the long term. The bigger the market cap, the less the asset’s reaction to market volatility. That means if people start to sell coins massively, it will not hit their price sharply. So large-cap assets  are less sensitive to the market’s drops and rises.

Top Crypto Assets in Terms of Market Cap

Here is the list of crypto coins with the biggest capitalisation:

  1. Bitcoin (over $330 billion)
  2. Ethereum (over $155 billion)
  3. Tether (over $65 billion)
  4. BNB (over $42 billion)
  5. USD Coin (over $42 billion)
  6. Binance USD (over $22 billion)
  7. XRP (over $19 billion)
  8. Dogecoin (over $11 billion)
  9. Cardano (over $10 billion)
  10. Polygon (over $7 billion).

The data provided is taken on December 13, 2022. If you want to buy cryptocurrency with a high market cap, welcome to the WhiteBIT exchange. It is the largest crypto trading platform in Europe, with over 2 million registered users and operating in over 150 states.

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