Windows 11: Core isolation, memory integrity cannot be enabled

Incompatible drivers prevent the activation of Windows Memory Integrity.

Recently, Windows was grumbling that the security settings could be improved. OK, so I took a look at the dashboard. Sure enough, a few things were not active, like memory integrity. The reason was incompatible drivers.

The scan for “incompatible drivers” revealed two drivers from Samsung:

  • ssdubus.sys
  • ssudmdm.sys

Where the drivers came from was not clear to me, but I have a Samsung second phone and presumably they are installed automatically as soon as it is connected with USB.

Remove drivers from System32\drivers (did not work)

On the internet, you can find quite a few people who have similar problems. Well, Samsung smartphones are quite common. The drivers can be found in the following directory:


One tip is to rename the drivers to “ssudbus.old” and “ssudmdm.old”. By renaming them, they should no longer be loaded at the next reboot. This did not work for me, the problem persisted.

Uninstall drivers

I was about to give up, but then I found the following tip for uninstalling. To do this, we run the following command in the command prompt (with admin rights):

pnputil /delete-driver oem37.inf /uninstall /force

Instead of “oem37.inf” we enter the “Published Name” from the driver scan.

We repeat this for each of the listed drivers. Afterwards, the memory integrity could be activated and after a restart it ran without problems.

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