OneNote: Notes cannot be synchronised, error code: 0xE000002E

Error during synchronisation when switching to the new OneNote from the Microsoft Store.

After switching to the new OneNote version from the Store, I noticed that a notebook was no longer synchronised. Instead, only an error message came up:

OneNote cannot sync your notes at the moment.
We are continuing to try. (Error code: 0xE000002E bjief)

All the other notebooks were working. My solution in the end was to simply copy all the items from the notebook to new one. This was then synchronised. I then deleted the old one.

Even the recycle bin could not be synchronised. But luckily I was able to empty the recycle bin.

Now I hope that the problems will remain an exception. It only really failed me because the entries didn’t appear on another computer. It’s stupid when you’re on the road and need the content.

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