The Week in Link Review Week 21/2023

The links and news of the week.

O2 kicks out Unlimited customers, too much data volume used? – O2 is cleaning up and kicking out some customers, the reasons are not really known yet.

Netflix and additional accounts: Fee for Germany is fixed – Netflix is serious and introduces the additional fee, not so cheap and with a few restrictions.

No more ChatGPT for Europe? OpenAI threatens to withdraw – the EU once again shows its refusal to progress.

Artificial Intelligence: A Copilot for Windows 11 – Microsoft is now bringing AI everywhere, into Office, into Visual Studio, into Windows.

Rail travel: “Impressive how much Germany does with little investment” – Germany ticket, but no real investment.

Windows 11 finally supports RAR and 7z archives – one could also say, about time. On the other hand, a proper packing programme is one of the first tools I install when I install Windows for the first time.

Microsoft founder Gates: New AI could wipe out Google & Amazon – Google I can see, but Amazon? Will the AI deliver packages soon? Streaming?

Faeser can’t get rid of Schönbohm issue Böhmermann remains resistant to criticism – News on the scandal. All accusations have turned out to be untenable. It’s nice that we pay broadcasting fees for this.

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