Windows 11 Pro create local user account during installation

How to create a local user account in Windows 11 Pro 22H2.

Yesterday, I wanted to install a new instance of Windows 11 Pro in VMware. Usually I use a local account for these test machines. So I selected “Set up for personal use” during the installation.

However, this only gave me the option to log in with a Microsoft account. Clicking on “Sign-in” options only gave me the option to reset my password. There was no option for creating a local user account.

Create a local user account

With each iteration of Windows, Microsoft makes it harder for the user to create a local user account. To create a local user account, I had to select the second option “Set up for work or school”.

At first sight, it just offers the same option to log in with the Microsoft account. However, clicking “Sign-in options” here differs from above.

Here, we can now select “Domain join instead”.

After that we can now setup a local user account, create a password and enter the recovery questions.

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