Delete Windows Recovery Partition

A little more space by deleting the Windows Recovery Partition? Is the Windows Recovery Partition needed?

With every Windows installation, Windows creates a recovery partition. This can be used to reset Windows if there are problems. The partition is not required for the ongoing operation of Windows. A recovery is also possible with a Windows USB stick.

The partition occupies between 500 MB and 700 MB. Whether it is worth to delete the partition depends on the total storage space of the computer. On a netbook with 32 GB internal memory, it makes more sense to delete the partition than on a desktop PC with 2 TB SSD.

Video tutorial

The recovery partition in Disk Management

Windows protects the recovery partition. In Disk Management, we can see the partition and the size. However, it is not possible to delete or edit it.

Delete recovery partition with “diskpart”

The partition can be deleted with “diskpart”. We call this via the start menu. Then we execute the following commands:

list disk

This is where the disks appear. We select our system disk:

select disk 0

We now display the partitions:

list part

We now select the recovery partition from the list:

select part 4

Adjust the number accordingly. Once this is done, we can delete the partition.

delete part override

In Disk Management, the former partition is now shown as free space.

Expand partition

So that we can use the memory space, we can now expand the partition to the left of the free memory.

Once we have confirmed the dialog, the space in the extended partition will be available.

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