Command and Conquer Remastered – Unit limit in multiplayer?

No new units or buildings.

Every now and then I play a round of Command and Conquer Remastered. Mostly in multiplayer mode against computer opponents. They’re not particularly intelligent or sophisticated, but with the right map and number of opponents it’s quite challenging.

Now I’ve probably hit a limit for the first time. I suddenly couldn’t build any more buildings or units. I could still hear the message that construction was starting, but no more progress was displayed. At first I thought it was a game error, restarted the game, then it worked briefly, then it didn’t work again.

At some point I thought of the limit thing. On the map I was playing, I was on a central island. The computer opponents were on the outside. I spent the first part of the game building the Tesla coils to mass, as the opponents kept attacking. At first there was no question of attacking myself.

This allowed the opponents to build lots of units and buildings, which then regularly led to the limit. At least 3 opponents are now gone in the current game, so the situation has eased somewhat.

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