Skoda Fabia 2 – Wet rear footwell

Water comes through the door.

My car is getting a bit long in the tooth and, as with people, the signs of age are now appearing. In addition to rust, I noticed that the car was regularly damp. The windows regularly steamed up, which was particularly bad in winter when it was frozen from the inside.

At first, I just blamed it on the usual humidity in autumn/winter. I tried to get to grips with the problem using dehumidifiers. In fact, the things always soaked up a lot of moisture.

However, the problem persisted quite drastically. At some point, I realised that it was really wet in the rear footwell after rain. On both sides. At the bottom of the door, you could see that water was probably running in here, and the underside of the door was also very wet.

But what is the cause?

Yesterday I visited my trusted car dealer. He took a quick look at the car and said succinctly that it was clearly a Skoda Fabia problem. There are probably seals in the doors that leak over the years and then the water seeps through.

Well, appointment made for the beginning of next year. I’ll report back here. Until then, I hope for little rain.

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