Review: SOLMIMI USB-C headphones for smartphones and tablets

Solid headset for USB-C smartphones and tablets.

Many smartphones no longer have a jack connection. The same applies to tablets. The USB-C connection is then used as an alternative. The USB-C headphones from Solmimi are a suitable product. However, it is more of a headset, as a microphone and remote control are also built into the cable.

The price of the headphones is favourable at just under 17 euros.

Scope of delivery, price, workmanship

The headphones come in the usual small packaging. They are available in either black or a kind of turquoise green. The manufacturer calls the colour “jade green”. I opted for this variant, something different from white or black.

Two additional pairs of earplugs are also included in case they don’t fit properly. Otherwise, the hardware is solid. The cable has the “normal” length, is well made and the design is stylish.

Sound and microphone quality

After plugging them in, they worked immediately. I didn’t expect anything else. The headphones are in-ears, also known in specialist circles as “lard drills”. This means that they shield external noise very well. This can be an advantage, but also a disadvantage. Otherwise, they sit comfortably.

The sound is great, as you would expect for an in-ear model. The remote control on the cable is practical. This contains 3 buttons, volume up, volume down and start and stop playback.

The microphone is also inside here. Instead of describing it in detail, here is a demo recording. It’s fine for phone calls and video conferences.


Good and affordable headphones for USB-C. With an adapter, they also work with normal USB ports for the next video conference. The sound is great, good bass and clear sound. Microphone is also sufficient for phone calls.

Recommendation goes out.

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