AmiCura cura1: A smart litter box with an automatic sensing hatch door, safeguarding cat safety

The smart litter box can automatically and quickly clean cat feces and collect it into a trash bag, addressing the cat owners’ frequent need to manually scoop 5-10 times a day, allowing for a joyful life with their cats. The safety performance of the smart litter box is one of the most critical concerns. Choosing a smart litter box that can offer a safe and comfortable experience for cats is crucial for us and our pets. Recently, our friend in the pet world, Amicura, introduced a truly safe pet toilet—the AmiCura cura1 Smart Litter Box. This device prevents cats from entering the litter box during cleaning through an automatic sensing hatch door. When a cat is inside or near the litter box, the device stops working and waits for the cat to leave before it begins working again, ensuring the cat’s safety fundamentally. This smart litter box brings a truly safe, clean, and comfortable experience for cats. During the new product launch period from March 20 to March 25, the original price is 369€, with a promotional price of just 299€.

How does the sensor hatch door completely eliminate the risk of trapping cats?

The Amicura cura1 Smart Litter Box is equipped with an automatically sensing safety door at the hatch. With its patented safety door technology, which includes physical isolation, infrared sensing technology, and an LED light ring alarm, it truly achieves comprehensive protection for cats.

When the Amicura cura1 is cleaning the litter, the first step is that the hatch door automatically closes to prevent cats from entering and thus avoid the risk of trapping. Additionally, the Amicura cura1 is equipped with six infrared sensors. Before operation, if a cat is still inside, it will halt all operations, and the hatch door will not close until the cat leaves, preventing accidents such as trapping injuries. During the cleaning process, if a cat approaches, it will automatically stop cleaning to ensure the cat’s safety. Moreover, there is an LED light ring at the hatch for timely fault detection and alerts, helping cat owners solve problems promptly and protect their cats’ safety.

With the Amicura cura1 Smart Litter Box featuring an automatic sensing hatch door, cat owners can feel more at ease when their cats are home alone, without worrying about accidents where cats might get trapped or injured.

How does the humanoid hand-style mechanical arm clean and maintain the cleanliness of the litter box?

The Amicura cura1 Smart Litter Box utilizes a unique humanoid hand-style mechanical arm to mimic human hands in cleaning feces. The mechanical arm can accurately locate the scooping area and, with its anti-stick design at the bottom, it not only prevents feces from sticking to the inner walls and causing odors but also reduces the amount of cleaning work required, keeping the pet toilet clean and hygienic.

Unlike rotating smart litter boxes, this cleaning method also allows for a more precise separation of feces and clean cat litter, effectively reducing the waste of cat litter and significantly saving on the cost of purchasing cat litter.

UV Light Sterilization for Safer Hygiene

The Amicura cura1 Smart Litter Box is equipped with a built-in UV light, effectively killing bacteria, pathogens, and common feeding insects, preventing bacterial growth and viral infections, and reducing or eliminating odors. After each scooping, the UV sterilization function automatically activates, utilizing the sterilizing properties of UV light to effectively kill bacteria and pathogens inside the litter box, thereby significantly reducing foul odors produced by bacterial activity. Cat owners need not use deodorants or disinfectants, ensuring a safer and more hygienic environment.

Smart APP, for real-time remote monitoring of cat health

The Amicura cura1 Smart Litter Box is equipped with a smart APP that can record real-time data such as the number of times a cat uses the toilet and the duration of each use. Even when cat owners are away, they can stay informed about their cat’s toilet habits in real-time, helping to prevent issues like urinary retention and constipation.

Cat owners can also customize cleaning modes, litter cleaning intervals, and the duration of UV sterilization through the APP, creating a safer and more comfortable toilet environment for their cats. The smart APP can also alert owners about the remaining amount of cat litter, making it convenient for them to replenish the litter in a timely manner.

Low-noise operation to avoid stress in cats caused by high noise levels

The Amicura cura1 Smart Litter Box features a low-noise design, with operational noise reduced to as low as 60db; in sleep mode, the noise level is further reduced to as low as 8db. The quieter operation helps to enhance the comfort of cats, preventing stress-induced behaviors caused by high noise levels. It also contributes to a quieter sleeping environment for pet owners at night.

Thoughtful design for more convenient use

The Amicura cura1 Smart Litter Box features four buttons next to the machine cabin for power/scooping, sleep mode, ambient light, and clumping time cleaning mode, allowing you to operate it with a single click to achieve the desired function easily. In front of the safety hatch, it also comes with a front pull-out sand leakage pedal, which not only makes it convenient for cats to enter and exit but also serves to filter out the litter from their paws, keeping the room clean and tidy at all times.

The Amicura cura1 Smart Litter Box has a 4L waste collection chamber, easily accommodating the feces of multiple cats without the need for frequent cleaning. It also features a separate waste bag design, making feces disposal as simple as lifting the garbage bag, for more effortless convenience.

With high safety protection, strong functionality, and a thoughtful design, the Amicura cura1 Smart Litter Box offers cats a safe, clean, and comfortable user experience. During the launch period, it’s available for just 299€. Don’t miss out!

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