Install XAPK files on Android

How can I install XAPK files in Android?

Today I downloaded an app for my Android smartphone. However, this time it was not an APK file, but an XAPK file. This could not be installed directly, as usual. What is such a file anyway?

An XAPK file is a package format used by Android to simplify and speed up the installation of apps, especially for apps that are large or contain multiple components. Unlike standard APK files, which contain the base files of an app, XAPK files not only include the APK file itself, but can also carry additional data such as OBB (Opaque Binary Blob) files, which contain resources such as graphics, media and other parts of the app. This format makes it possible to bundle all components of an app into a single file, which facilitates the download and installation of apps with large data volumes or complex structures from sources outside the Google Play Store. However, it is important to note that special software or app installers are usually required to install XAPK files, as Android only supports the installation of APK files by default.

Well, we know that too. But what to do? Well, this is where an app comes into play that is very annoying on the one hand, but at least gets the job done. The app is called XAPK-Installer. The app scans the phone and then allows you to install the XAPK files it finds with a single click.

The app does this well. Less good is the annoying advertising. Nothing against advertising, but there is a lot of advertising here. In addition to third-party adverts, they also want to offer the customer a subscription for a whopping 14.99 euros per week! I mean, that would be OK as a one-off purchase, but a subscription?

If you look past this and click through, the app otherwise works and is still useful for the occasional installation of such a file.

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