PassFAB for ZIP – Crack the password of ZIP files

What should I do if I have forgotten the password for the ZIP file?

What should you do if you have forgotten the password for a ZIP file? This is where the software “PASSFAB for ZIP” comes into play.

The software specialises in determining passwords for encrypted ZIP archives. The software offers various methods for this. We select the ZIP file immediately after starting. We then have to specify the “cracking method”.

We have a choice between brute force, with or without a mask, and a dictionary attack. The dictionary contains frequently used passwords, which are tried out. This is also the fastest method.

We can use the mask if we still know roughly how the password is structured, e.g. the length or only small letters. If none of this helps, we can also try out all combinations, which can take quite a long time depending on the password. The faster the computer, the faster the passwords can be tested.

If successful, the password is issued and we can then use it to unlock the account.


The software itself works quickly and easily. Whether a password can be determined in a finite amount of time ultimately depends on how complex a password is. An extremely long password with special characters is still very secure, as it takes a long time to try it out. It is quicker if part of the password is known.

The software can be tested free of charge. The price of the software is staggered. The 1-month licence is available from just 10 euros. A permanent licence costs 40 euros

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