Reassign @ character to F key in Windows

Remap keys in Windows with AutoHotkey.

The AutoHotkey software can be used to create macros and easily reassign individual keys. For example, we received a request to configure the @ sign to an F key.

Nothing could be simpler. First, we download AutoHotkey and install it. The software is open source and free of charge.

Then we create an .ahk file with a text editor of our choice and edit it. This will have the following content:

F8::Send, @

In this case, we reassign the F8 key. Ideally, we should use a key here that we no longer need in other programmes.

Now we have to execute the script. We can do this by right-clicking. An icon will then appear in the taskbar to indicate that the script is active.

We can compile the script, then it becomes an .exe file. We can then put this in the autostart folder, for example, so that the change is available at every system start.

When we exit the script, the change is also gone again.

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