openSuse does not boot after installation

I wanted to install openSuse on my netbook. The installation worked, but after the reboot only the grub bootloader came up, or an emergency console.

Instead of the boot of openSuse only the “Grub” console came up.

GNU GRUB version 2.04
Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported. For the first word, 
TAB lists possible command completions. Anywhere else TAB lists 
possible device or file completions.

What to do? In the grub console I could not reach, but that was not the reason. Instead, you can look into the bios for such an error.

I have an Asus E200HA netbook, you can get into the bios here with the F2 key directly during booting. In the last tab of the configuration, there is the possibility of the “Boot override”. Here were some entries inside, it’s possible that there was some old stuff from the Ubuntu installation inside, which was no longer present, but still had a boot entry.

So I selected “opensuse-secureboot” and bang Suse booted. So far so good. So that it remains with each start, I still checked whether Suse is on place 1 with the boot options. This was the case in the meantime.

After that I was able to boot openSuse.

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