Windows: Which program runs on a specific port?

I wanted to start a web server on my computer today, however the port was already occupied. But which program was running?

Today I wanted to play around with Jetty, a web server. This one starts on port 8080 by default. Stupidly, a service was already running on the port, so I just got an error message.

When I called it in the browser, I also got a response, apparently a web server was already running there, which I didn’t know about so far. But how to find out which program or service is running here? At least the output in the browser did not help here.

The solution can be found in the Windows Powershell. With the following commands, we can find out the name of the process:


Get-Process -Id (Get-NetTCPConnection -LocalPort 8080).OwningProcess


Get-Process -Id (Get-NetUDPEndpoint -LocalPort 8080).OwningProcess

At least I knew afterwards that it was the “ApplicationWebServer”.

Well, I couldn’t do much with it at first, but at least you can find out which program it is via the “Details” tab of the task manager. In my case, something from National Instruments, which is installed on my computer and apparently has a web server.

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