Annoyance: Dust in the Surface Pro camera

Dust in the camera is always a nuisance, especially with expensive devices.

I have a Surface Pro 7. As far as a fancy device, small, practical, yet powerful. Of course, the whole thing then has its price. Good 1500 euros I have paid in total.

All the more annoying when something does not work properly. Unfortunately, I had to determine after some time of use that dust slowly accumulates in the camera. Honestly, this should not happen with such an expensive device. Sure, you could send it in and have it repaired during the warranty period, but then you have to do without the device for some time and have all the hassle. Have I gone through everything with an iPhone 5 times, with the result that the new model also has the same problem after some time.

Unfortunately, this also shows that non-repairability is a big problem. You can’t just open the thing and then wipe out the dust.

Technically, it shouldn’t be a problem to make the camera dustproof.

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