Remote Desktop: Error when logging in with Microsoft account

Problems connecting Remote Desktop, when using a Microsoft account.

Today I wanted to connect from my Microsoft Surface to my Thinkpad, using RDP. Unfortunately, the login did not work, I only got the message that the connection cannot be established.

Your credentials did not work. The logon attempt failed.

Basically, when logging in using Remote Desktop and Microsoft account, use the password of the Microsoft account, not the PIN that is used to log in to the computer.

I did this, but the login still did not work. Maybe it was because I had just recently changed my account?

The solution in this case is to open a command prompt and enter the following command:

runas /u:MicrosoftAccount\ cmd.exe

The e-mail address must be adjusted according to the Microsoft account. After entering, we will be asked for the password.

Done! Then we can try the login again, now it should work.


  1. Thank you for the tip.
    Do you have any idea why I cannot type my password into the command prompt? No characters are entered.

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