Install Windows 11 in Hyper-V

Install Windows 11 in Hyper-V on a Windows 10 machine.

Hyper-V and Windows 11 works, with the right settings.

First attempt fails

I wanted to install Windows 11 in Hyper-V. The first attempt failed. The English Windows reported “This PC can’t run Windows 11”. Here one would honestly wish for some information on what exactly is missing. Basically, it can be missing TPM, processor and RAM.

Registry Hack?

I used to be able to solve the minimum requirements with a registry hack during installation.

This method apparently no longer works in new Windows 11 versions.

Settings for Windows 11 and Hyper-V

The good news is that it is possible to install Windows 11 without much tam-tam and hacks. I assume, however, that in any case the host computer must itself support Windows 11 for it to work.

Enable TPM

In the first step, we activate TPM support. We find this in the sub-item “Security”.

CPU settings / RAM

Another setting is the CPU, or the number of cores. Here Hyper-V is modest and allocates only one CPU core by default. The number must be increased to at least two. For the RAM, 4096 MB should be sufficient; I have allocated 8096.

Windows 11 installed

Afterwards, the installer ran through with the default settings.

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