Review: Xiaomi Redmi Watch Lite 2 – 7 months later

How does the “Xiaomi Redmi Watch Lite 2” perform in everyday life, a review after more than half a year.

I had bought a cheap smartwatch last year. In this article, I want to revisit the review and draw a conclusion after more than half a year of use.

The second attempt

The first review had a split conclusion. The problem was that while the smartwatch worked fine in principle, the display regularly failed to turn on. I sent the Smartwatch back and, lo and behold, the new model didn’t have the problem and has been working perfectly ever since.

Redmi Smart Watch 2 Lite Black by Xiaomi – 1.55...
  • 1,54 Zoll TFT LCD Touch Farbdisplay mit einer Auflösung von 320 x 360 Pixel
  • Bis zu 10 Tage Akkulaufzeit
  • Integriertes GPS, GLONASS, Galileo und BDS


In terms of features, I continue to be surprised at how well the smartwatch works for a reasonable price. With the integrated GPS, I can track my jogging and cycling tours directly without a smartphone. Pulse monitoring, sleep monitoring, step counter, notifications, all work without problems. It is difficult for me to check the oxygen saturation. Other little things like photo triggers and music control also work, but I hardly use them.
Synchronisation takes place via Bluetooth in the own app. Unfortunately, it hardly offers any interfaces to other apps. Google Health is not supported. At least it is possible to transfer the sports units to Strava.


The hardware has suffered a little after time, but the smartwatch is still quite robust. A few scratches have been added, but well, the thing also only costs just under 50 euros. The battery lasts a few days in everyday use. Interestingly, it lasts forever when the watch is not in use. I once had the watch in the cupboard for a good two weeks and the battery hardly drained at all.

The watch is comfortable to wear. Thanks to the rubberised wristband, it can also be worn while working on a laptop without scratches being expected.

Use in everyday life

It was interesting for me to see how it would perform in everyday use. A new device is exciting and of course I used the smartwatch intensively at the beginning. In the meantime, the use has levelled off. I usually wear the watch during the day and charge it at night. I no longer do sleep tracking. On the one hand, the watch is annoying at night and on the other hand, the gain in knowledge is also small. If I go to bed earlier, I sleep longer and start the next day better, not a great insight. Just like the bad sleep when you’ve had a few beers the night before.

Otherwise, it’s also practical to have the time on my wrist in the classic way. Before, I used to take out my mobile phone, check my email, WhatsApp and everything else, and then I didn’t know why I had taken it out.

A few additional functions would certainly be nice, if you sometimes look a little enviously at the owners of the Apple Watch. But well, the numbers also slightly more.


Although the basic conclusion is positive, the watch also has a few drawbacks. A connection to Google Health would have been nifty. The idea here is that various devices, such as scales, smartwatches and the like, can tip their data centrally into the app. This would make us somewhat independent of the manufacturer. But of course, the manufacturer prefers to sell its own devices.

The functional scope of the watch is limited, new functions are not to be expected, despite occasional updates. A navigation function would have been nice, preferably in connection with the smartphone. I would have liked to have this sometimes, especially when cycling. But well, at this price it’s probably not possible at the moment.

It is also a bit annoying that only steps are included in the daily activity. I can cycle 100 km, but at the end the activity bar is still empty because I hardly took any steps that day.


The second model now works without any problems. For the price, there are many functions, especially the integrated GPS is handy for tracking jogging laps without a smartwatch. The hardware has a few scratches. Here and there you notice the low price, but if you are looking for a cheap smartwatch, you will find it here. Visually, it can also keep up with expensive models.

Redmi Smart Watch 2 Lite Black by Xiaomi – 1.55...
  • 1,54 Zoll TFT LCD Touch Farbdisplay mit einer Auflösung von 320 x 360 Pixel
  • Bis zu 10 Tage Akkulaufzeit
  • Integriertes GPS, GLONASS, Galileo und BDS

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