Stöber SD6: graphic programming used could not be loaded / NoConfiguration

Error message when trying to establish a connection to the servocontroller.

Today I got the following error message when trying to connect to the Stöber SD6 controller:

Template for graphic programming used could not be loaded. File cannot be opened

The message was then acknowledged with the fact that no online connection is possible.

It turns out that the message means that the firmware versions of the controller and Drive Control Suite do not match. The version in the controller is newer than the version in the Drive Control Suite.

Installing the appropriate firmware

So the solution is to update the firmware and in my case, downgrading was the way to go!

Afterwards, a connection is possible in principle. But even that didn’t work for me at first.

Replace faulty configuration with standard configuration

When I restarted the controller, I got an error message “No Configuration” and that a parameter was unknown (Unkown String).

Here we can help ourselves by recreating the slider offline.

Afterwards, we can play the new configuration on the device in the online functions and it will run again.

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