Edit Windows Boot Manager with EasyBCD

We learned how to install Windows 10 twice as a dual boot in this tutorial. Windows creates a boot menu for us, which we can also change in a limited way directly in the boot menu. What we cannot change is the displayed name of the operating system. For better differentiation, we now want to adjust this:


Customisation is very easy with the free software tool “EasyBCD“. The tool is free for private users and can be downloaded after registration. Without instructions, there is a download at Winfuture.de.

After starting, the boot menu entries are displayed:

In the advanced settings we can edit the names of the entries.

Here we select the system. Then we can change the name. With the save button this is taken over. The change will take effect the next time the system is started:

You can also reach your goal with Windows board tools and the command line. PC-Welt has a very good guide.

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