Xiaomi Redmi Watch Lite 2 no longer charges

Smartwatch no longer wants to, after just over a year.

The next hardware defect. Now the days my smartwatch didn’t want anymore either. Since it’s a cheap model, the damage is limited, but it’s always annoying. In everyday life, I regularly used the watch to track my cycling tours.

It started a few days ago when a red LED on the back lit up permanently. After a restart and a short reset, this at least disappeared. However, after 2 days the battery was completely empty. Well, let’s charge the thing. Unfortunately without success.

The charge indicator showed a maximum of 3-4 per cent. As soon as I disconnected the charging plug, the thing went out with a battery warning. Restarting, resetting, factory settings all failed.

Power is coming on, the thing is getting warm. I think it’s a total loss now. I don’t know yet whether I’ll go to the trouble of filing a warranty claim.

I also don’t know if I’ll get a successor model. It’s practical for sports, but in the end, the smartphone can do most of the same things, apart from heart rate measurement.

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