HP ProBook 650: USB-C port defective? No more charging via USB-C [Resolved]

Next defect on the HP Probook, USB-C port no longer works.

Update: In my case, I was able to solve the problem, see below.

Professionally, I use an HP ProBook 650, which is basically a nice device. It’s a bit more compact than my private Thinkpad. It’s also quite easy to work on. Touchpad, keyboard and screen basically fit. Performance too.

However, it has a few weaknesses. Some time ago, the screen pressed into the keyboard and left some scratches in the display.

Shortly after I got it from the company, it stopped working from one day to the next. Service had to change the mainboard. The thing was completely dead.

USB-C port no longer works

Then this morning the next disaster. The battery was almost empty, a video conference was about to start. I plugged in the power supply, but neither Windows nor the charging LED showed that the thing was charging. Tried different power supplies, docking station. Nothing.

At least the notebook still has a classic charging port with a round plug. I was able to use an old power supply from HP. At least charging was possible again. It’s not great, though, because now I have to lug around a second power supply. The docking station with USB-C also no longer works for the time being.

A service ticket has been created, I’m curious. Privately, however, I would probably give HP devices a wide berth for the time being. Unfortunately, this also proves for the first time that the USB-C connector has a few disadvantages.

Problem solved! Solved

After the matter gave me no peace, I did some more research on the Internet. Various tips were mentioned here. One of them was to press the power button for at least 30 seconds when starting up.

This resets something internally again. This was briefly acknowledged by two orange LEDs on F5 and F8 flashing.

After Windows started, I could then see that the loading worked again. The USB docking station also worked again. Now I hope it will stay.

At least it hasn’t been a hardware defect, in my case.

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