How the different types and versions of Jabra Speak differ from each other

Foto Jabra Speak Konferenzlautsprecher 510

If you want to get yourself a conference speaker and a good speakerphone, you’ll end up pretty quickly with one of the top dogs Jabra Speak.

Difference Jabra Speak 410, 510, 710, 750 and 810

These conference speakers come in 410, 510, 710, 750 and 810 versions and all have in common that they have a USB cable that can also be skillfully wrapped around the often colloquially called Ufo for transport. All of them have a nice carrying pouch as well as a 360° microphone, which takes over and optimises audio transmission in smaller and larger groups at meetings and gatherings. The main difference lies in the number of conference topics. The individual units are optimised accordingly:

    • Jabra Speak 410 up to 4 participants
    • Jabra Speak 510 up to 4 participants
    • Jabra Speak 710/750 up to 6 participants
    • Jabra Speak 810 up to 15 participants

All, except the Speak 410, can make a Bluetooth connection, with other devices. This makes it possible to hold a larger conference call with a smartphone or via Skype and other video conferencing systems. The Bluetooth connection also gives access to the voice assistant of the smartphone.

The Jabra Speak 510 and 710 have an integrated rechargeable battery. This means that these devices can be operated without a power supply or USB cable for up to 15 hours.

The Jabra Speak 810 represents the flagship with a price well over 400EUR and is suitable for large conferences. This conference speaker comes with additional features such as a 3.5 mm jack plug, zoom talk microphone and USB charging port.

Sennheiser 504611 MK4 Windschutzscheibe
  • Sennheiser 504611 MK4 Windschutzscheibe

Difference Microsoft Certified and Unified Communications

All Jabra Speak types are available in Microsoft Certified (MS) and Unified Communications (UC) variants. Unfortunately, the product descriptions provide little information about which variant should be chosen for which case. A extensive description of the difference between MS certified and UC can be found here.

At this point we can already state that the basic communication works with both variants…i.e. Bluetooth smartphone conferences, video conferences, etc. If you want to use the Jabra Speak in connection with Skype for Business, you need the MS version. Since such a device has gone through a certification process and various tests that ensure interaction with Microsoft products such as Skype, Teams and the like. Essentially, this involves the button functions on the device and the device selection for incoming calls, for example.

Difference between Jabra Speak 510 MS, 510+ MS and 510 for PC

In principle, the same device technology is hidden under the bonnet. And thus all UC platforms are always supported in some way. Here, the biggest difference is in included add-on items.

Jabra Speak 510 MS

As mentioned above, the MS stands for Microsoft Certified. This is the best option if you want to use the Speak primarily in conjunction with Microsoft products under Windows, for example for video conferencing. This means that the Speak has proven its full compatibility through tests and a certification process by Microsoft.

Jabra Speak 510+ MS

The “Plus” in this case just stands for a additional item. In addition to the Speak 510, you also get a headset. So only buy this if you really need a headset, for example, to avoid annoying your colleagues in the office during a loud conference call. Otherwise, this is also Microsoft Certified and therefore compatible with all Microsoft products.

Jabra Speak for PC

Here the additional item consists of a 3m USB extension cable. This allows the conference speaker to be better positioned in connection with a stationary desktop computer or in connection with the laptop of the person on the call who is holding the Skype connection, for example. As there is no MS here, this is in principle suitable for all Unified Communications platforms.

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