Projector instead of TV + competition: Crenova HD projector XPE660

What is a beamer worth for under 180 euros?

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Many years ago, I once set up a home cinema system for myself. With an HD beamer, which cost a little over 1100 euros at the time. At that time, HD was not Full-HD, but HD-Ready. This meant a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels.

In the meantime, to my surprise, the technology has become much cheaper. The model from Crenova, the XPE660, costs only 180 euros. The resolution is the same, the technology is different. Instead of a normal lamp with a few thousand operating hours, today’s models have LEDs that are designed for almost 50,000 hours.

But what do you get for 180 euros? How is the quality? How good does the picture look and how well does the system work?

Scope of delivery and hardware

The scope of delivery is impressive. In addition to the projector, it includes a remote control, HDMI label, mains cable, manual, warranty card and a cinch cable. I have no idea what the latter is still needed for today.

The beamer has a normal size, it is not a pico beamer. The housing is made of white plastic, the lens is large. There are control buttons on the top. At the back and on the side are the connections and also the speakers.

The workmanship and design do not look high-quality, but not cheap either. Appropriate for the price.

The technology

The pure technical data:

  • Resolution: 1280×800 pixels
  • 5000 lux / 550 ansi lumens brightness
  • Image size 60 inches (1.52 metres) to 200 inches (5.08 m)
  • Contrast 4000:1
  • USB port
  • 2 x HDMI input
  • 1 x VGA input
  • Integrated speakers
  • AV and audio connection

The pure technical data are OK for the price. You don’t get a high-tech projector, but for just under 180 euros you shouldn’t expect that.

The brightness is designed for dark environments. During the day it also works, but here the beamer reaches its limits. Setting up the projector is easy. Plug in the power, set and select the image source and you’re ready to go.

The projector can be mounted on the ceiling or simply placed in a normal position. The image position can be changed via a height adjustment.

Image, sound and handling

The picture size depends on the distance. Even at 2 metres, you get a decent-sized picture. The fan hums audibly, but the volume is within limits.

Thanks to the LED technology, the projector is quickly ready for use and can also be switched off quickly. My old projector had to warm up first and cooled down for several minutes. This is no longer necessary here.

The sharpness of the image can be adjusted on the lens. The resolution is good enough for HD movies, but you notice that it’s not Full HD. The sharpness is good, but it gets blurry at the corners.

The picture can be configured via the on-screen menu, keystone correction, zoom, picture quality and various effects. Overhead operation is possible, the image can be quickly rotated in the menu. The condition. Various languages are available for selection in the on-screen menu.

The picture comes either from one of the HDMI inputs, the VGA input or you connect a USB stick. Photos and films can be viewed directly from the USB stick. Android and Apple devices are also supported with an adapter. Select the input and the film can begin.

The sound is surprisingly good. Sure, it’s not 5.1 surround sound, but it’s not worse than an average TV. Otherwise, headphones or speakers can also be connected via the audio output.


An affordable compact device for simple home cinema tasks. The price of 180 euros makes the beamer interesting for various purposes. Of course, this is not a beamer for the most demanding home cinema. Those who value the highest quality and also have a surround system in use should look for another model.

It is rather perfect for use in a child’s or teenager’s room. How it plays back on the big screen is impressive and creates a cinematic effect at home. Thanks to integrated speakers, HDMI and USB connection, the projector can be screwed to the ceiling, Fire TV stick attached and the simple home cinema system is ready.

Another advantage of the beamer is that, in contrast to a large television, hardly any space is wasted. The projector also disappears quickly in the cupboard after use.

A large white wall or a canvas is recommended for use. The image quality suffers with coarse plaster and woodchip.

Thanks to LED technology, the power consumption is an economical XXX watts. Thanks to the LED, there is also no need for costly lamp replacement. 50,000 hours should last for many years. All in all, it is amazing how much beamer you can get for so little money nowadays.

Beamer, 5000 Lux Video Projektor Full HD Crenova XPE660 unterstützt 1080P Heimkino led Beamer , Verbindung mit Smartphone, TV-Sticks, PS4 Xbox, HDMI, VGA, SD-Karten, AV- und USB-Geräten
  • EINZIGARTIGE HELLIGKEIT – Der Crenova XPE660 beamer 4k bietet Ihnen mit seiner fortschrittlichen Pixel- und LED-Technologie erstaunliche 550 ANSI, 5000 Lux Helligkeit und maximal unterstützte 1080P. Egal ob Sie sich auf Netflix Filme oder Serien ansehen oder ein PC/PS4/Xbox Spiel spielen; das Bild ist stets hell und klar erkennbar.
  • EIN ERLEBNIS WIE IM KINO – Tauchen Sie dank den leuchtenden Farben mit hohem Kontrast wie im Kino voll und ganz in jede Szene ein. Sie profitieren dabei von einem besonders großen Farbspektrum, einer Auflösung von 1280X800, einem Kontrast von 4000:1 und einem 60""-200"" großen Bild. Der XPE660 beamer full HD projiziert Ihre Inhalte besonders detailliert und mit warmen Farbtönen für eine maximal unterstützte HD 1080P Unterhaltungserfahrung. Ideal zur Verwendung in Innen- und Außenbereichen und um
  • VERBINDEN SIE PROBLEMLOS ALL IHRE GERÄTE – Der XPE660 Videoprojektor mit HDMI/VGA/USB/AV Anschluss kann kinderleicht mit einem Mac, PC, Tablet, iPhone, Samsung, Fire TV/Roku Stick, Chromecast, einer TV Box, PS4, DVD oder USB-Festplatte genutzt werden. Eine Smartphone-Bildübertragung ist problemlos mit einem zusätzlichen Lightning/Type-C/MHL Micro USB zu HDMI Adapterkabel möglich (DAS ADAPTER-KABEL IST NICHT INBEGRIFFEN).
  • HI-FI STEREO-SOUND & FORTSCHRITTLICHER LÜFTER – Der XPE660 led beamer ist mit integrierten leistungsstarken 360° Lautsprechern mit SRS-Audiosystem ausgestattet und bietet Ihnen somit ein exzellentes Audio-Erlebnis, ohne externe Lautsprecher anschließen zu müssen. Das neue verbesserte Kühlsystem wird mit 3 gleichzeitig laufenden Lüftern betrieben.
  • Wärmeableitung - Überhitzungsschutzsystem stellt sicher, dass der Beamer nicht beim lange Zeit Betieb wegen Überhitzung schädt werden. Crenova Beamer verfügt effizentes Dual-Wärmanleitung-System, leitet die Wärm effektiv ab. So Sorgt es für eine längere, stabilere abspielen. Außerdem dank der neuesten SmarEco Technologie kann die Lampe des mini beamer full hd bis zu 50.000 Stunden verwendet werden sich die Lebenszeit des Beamers erheblich Verlängert wird

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