Steam Fatal Error – Failed to load steamui.dll

Want to play a quick round? Unfortunately not, error when starting Steam.

Evening, work done, I wanted to play a quick round of TFC. So I opened Steam, but alas. Instead of the service working normally, I only got an error message:

Steam - Fatal Error
Failed to load steamui.dll

Tried again, no improvement. Here are some tips on how I got it working again.

Quit Steam via Task Manager

As a first step, we can check whether a crashed Steam might still be haunting the system. To do this, we open the task manager, go to the details and look for Steam. If Steam is present, we end the process and then try again.

Restarting the computer

Restarting the computer can also help. Basically, it is the extended version of above, as we also terminate all running processes here.

Reinstall Steam

If that doesn’t help either, we reinstall Steam. Ideally, we should reboot before and, if necessary, after. Afterwards, Steam ran again without any problems. Since it was already too late, I still postponed gaming until the next day.

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