Linux Mint, Ubuntu, install newer kernel with Ubuntu mainline kernel

Installing the latest kernel versions in Ubuntu and ubuntu-like, that’s how.

I have a new notebook, a Acemagic AX 15. I wanted to install Linux on it. In my case, Linux Mint. Since the notebook has fairly new hardware, problems were to be expected, which was confirmed.

Sound did not work and also the brightness control. Der neue Intel N95 Prozessor und Chipsatz halt. Hilft ein neuer Kernel? Vorneweg, ja hat geholfen! Nur wie installieren? This is where “Ubuntu Mainline Kernel” comes into play.


Check current kernel version

In the first step, we can check which kernel version is installed. This can be done with the following command.

uname -r

In the current Linux Mint, the 5.15 version is installed.

Installing the Ubuntu Mainline Kernel

To install the software, we first need to add the repository:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cappelikan/ppa

Then we update the package sources:

sudo apt update

Now we can install the software.

sudo apt install mainline

Install kernel

We can now call up the software via the start menu. After a short wait, we see a list of available versions. I have simply installed the latest one.

The kernel is now installed.


After the installation, we reboot our system. After the reboot, the latest kernel should be running.

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