Linux on the Acemagic AX15 Notebook

How well does Linux work on the Acemagic AX15 notebook?

I wanted to install Linux Mint on my Acemagic AX15 notebook. The machine is relatively new, which tends to cause problems with drivers for various system devices. The Intel N95 processor is quite new, as is the rest of the chipset and so on.

Installation Linux Mint

I decided to use Linux Mint. I like the user interface a bit more than that of the standard Ubuntu. It is all compatible in the end.

The installation went smoothly. I pulled the ISO, put it on a USB stick with Rufus and started the installation. Before that, I had to go into the bios and deactivate the secure boot.

Then I installed Linux Mint as the sole operating system. Parallel would also have worked.

Missing drivers, no sound, screen brightness

Short joy after the first start. Screen resolution fits, looks good for now. But shouldn’t there be a sound when starting? A look at the system bar or the settings reveals that only a dummy device has been installed. So sound is not possible.

The screen brightness could not be adjusted with the FN key either. Interestingly, other shortcuts worked with the FN key.

Installing a new kernel

In the current version, Linux Mint installs a 5 version of the kernel. But there is already a 6 version. So I used the “Mainline Kernel” software to install the latest version.

Tension on reboot. Will it boot? Will it solve the problems? Lo and behold, sound now worked, as did screen brightness control. The graphics also felt a bit fluffier now.


At the moment it looks like everything is working now. I have not been able to find any other problems so far. In short, yes Linux is compatible with the device, as long as you install a new kernel.


  1. Thanks for your post, i have the same computer brand new. Can you help me?

    Ive installed linux mint cinnamon on a usb with rufus
    It boots up. I have the same issue with no sound or screen brightness control.
    You say upgrade to kernal 6.
    I install mint alongside windows. It gets all the way done, it says i have to restart it to make it permanent. I restart it and It gets stuck at a blank screen with just a flashing dash. I have to hard reset to get out.

    What am i doing wrong?

    1. I am not sure if I can help you, I never tried dual boot on this machine. It sounds like the bootloader is somehow broken and does not load the kernel. Can you still start Windows?

      1. ok, im farther than before. Im unclear how to install kernal 6 with the mainline kernal software.

      2. Hey! i figured it out! I did it from the update manager to the newest kernal.

        Thank you for your post!

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