Review: XP Pen Deco Pro (Gen 2) drawing tablet with Bluetooth

High quality drawing tablet with 16k pressure levels, Bluetooth 5.0.

I have a new graphics tablet, a Deco Pro LW pen tablet (Gen 2) made by XP Pen. The tablet promises 16,000 levels of pressure, Bluetooth 5.0, long battery life, paired with a chic design and modern USB-C ports.

The tray comes in three sizes, and I have the middle one called LW. This has the dimensions: 333 x 258.1 x 10.66 mm. In terms of price, the variants range from about 145 to 190 euros.

Scope of delivery

But let’s unpack the tray first. Everything is neatly packaged. Of course, the tablet, pen, spare tips, two USB cables and the mini keyboard for keyboard shortcuts are revealed. The warranty card and instructions are also included. A glove is also included.

Pen and spare tips come in a smart case. A USB dongle is also included. This is used to connect the control pad.

A brief shock when I unpack the tablet, are there any scratches? No! Fortunately, this was only the protective film.

Hardware and workmanship

All in all, the hardware makes a very good impression. The tablet has a very high-quality feel to it. It is very flat and there is a palm rest. The stylus is comfortable to hold and also of high quality.

The drawing area is shown on the tray. Rubber feet on the underside provide a firm grip on the desk.

Overall, we give it a grade of 1.

Commissioning, drivers, operating systems

Next, I install the driver. Drivers are available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. But the Deco Pro can also be connected to tablets or smartphones. We can either use the cable or the Bluetooth connection. For the control pad, we connect the USB dongle.

First, however, we charge the two devices. This is done via the USB-C port, a charging LED provides information about the current charging status.

Function in practice

Once the graphics tablet is set up, we can adjust it in the driver software. Here we can set the screen, area and other things. The control pad can also be configured and the buttons can be given any shortcuts.

The size of the tablet is a positive feature. Drawing and writing is very pleasant. Writing works very well in OneNote, but graphic design and drawing also work well. Programmes like Krita work perfectly with the pen. The tablet also performs well in graphics editing.
The pen and tablet work precisely and the different pressure levels are also adopted well.

The pen fits comfortably in the hand, and the pen also has buttons that implement the other mouse buttons. Another positive feature is that the tablet is very flat and the wrist does not have to be bent much.


In short, a great large tablet for the ambitious hobby artist and the professional. Design, workmanship, all spiffy. Driver software also works without problems. Nice that all operating systems are supported. It is pleasant and precise to use. It’s also nice that there are different connection options, Bluetooth or cable, the user has the choice. In battery mode, a long battery life is also achieved.

When it comes to size, you should look at the manufacturer’s recommendations for the ideal tablet size. Otherwise, the device is also very attractive in terms of price.

Deco Pro Gen 2 | XPPen Official Store

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