What questions should you ask yourself before buying an external hard drive?

Techies who work a lot with their PC often reach the point where the storage space of the internal hard drive is no longer enough. Often, the necessary back-up that saves your data can also be a reason to purchase an external hard drive. There are countless variants on the market, so everyone can find a suitable model for themselves. This article tells you what you should consider when buying and what problems can occur with an external hard drive.

The checklist for buying a good external hard drive

Due to the wide variety of designs, newcomers in particular find it difficult to make the right choice. The hard drives differ in performance and also in the connections. However, most hard drives can be connected to the PC via a USB or eSATA connection.

If you want to make a sensible purchase, you should consider the following points.

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Weight of the hard drive

People who want to use the external hard drive on the road should pay attention to the weight of the storage medium. If it is nice and light, it is much more comfortable to take with you. The size itself can also play a role.

How large should the storage space on the external hard drive be?

If you use the hard drive very often and want to store many different files on it, you should think about the size of the storage space. The choice is wide, with most people opting for an external hard drive with a storage capacity of at least two TB. On this you have enough space to store pictures and files. On the other hand, if you want to store videos, you can easily buy an external hard drive with eight or ten TB. Especially if the internal hard drive has very little storage space, it is good if the external model has a correspondingly large capacity for storing various documents, films or pictures.

How much do you want to spend on the external hard drive?

Depending on how large the storage capacity of the hard drive should be, the prices also differ. These can range from under 100 euros to well over 200 euros. Interested parties can find out more about this at externe-Festplatte.de.

SSD or HDD – which hard drive is better?

It is not only when buying a laptop that the question arises whether one prefers an SSD or HDD hard drive. The same question is also very important when buying external models. The HDD (also called Hard Disk Drive) are the classic variants – they are very suitable for storing large amounts of images. In addition, the advantage here is that if the data is lost, much of it can possibly be recovered. The models also have different inch sizes. If you want to store a lot of pictures, you should opt for the 3.5-inch hard drive. Otherwise, the 2.5-inch version will also suffice.

If, on the other hand, users want to transfer their files quickly, the SSD hard drive has proven to be much more practical in tests. This works at an increased speed and is therefore perfect for people who want to transfer large amounts of files.

What problems can arise when using an external hard drive?

If the external hard drive doesn’t work so well anymore, you can format it. For other problems, you will get answers below.

Hard disk is not recognised – what to do?

If the external hard drive no longer appears at the workstation as it would otherwise, this can have various causes. In this case, it is first helpful to open the data carrier management, in which the correct drive can be identified. Once you have identified the drive by its size or missing drive letter, all that remains is to assign the letter. This can be done via “Drive letters and paths” (select with a right mouse click). Now a letter can be assigned. If you are unsure how to solve this problem, you can find more information in this article.

The hard disk has read errors

In many cases, the PC struggles to read the data stored on the external hard drive. Those who are affected by this can use the hard disk check. This is responsible for detecting surface damage. These areas are now marked and no longer used.

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