KeePass in openSuse with browser plugin

Configure KeePass, KeePassRPC, and Firefox for automatic browser password collection in Linux.

For managing my passwords, I use KeePass and the Kee plugin for Firefox. This, in conjunction with KeePassRPC, allows the credentials to be selected and logged in directly in the browser.

On Windows, the setup is reasonably intuitive, but what about on Linux?

Installation KeePass

Installing KeePass is quite easy to do, on Ubuntu you install it with “apt-get” in openSuse it goes like this:

sudo zypper refresh
sudo typper install keepass

Install plugin for Firefox

Next, we need a plugin for Firefox:: Kee Password Manager.


After that, we still need a plugin to connect KeePass and Firefox. We use KeePassRPC for that. The “.plgx” file can be downloaded here.

The plugin must then be copied into the KeePass directory. InLinux you can find it here:


The next time KeePass is started, the plugin is detected and integrated. If we now open the browser, a prompt will appear. We have to confirm the displayed code in the browser, so the connection is established.

This brings us to our destination. Logins are now displayed in the browser.

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